I’d consider myself a minimalist… at least I was until I got married and had children. But I still push that mind-set and work mentality today whenever I can. I guess you could say it makes me a bit of a utilitarian. I like to maximize my efficiency and productivity with as few tools as possible.

I recently listened to this podcast by Alex Lieberman. It covers a topic of switching costs which is something I have spent a lot on. I was, at a point in time, willing to spend and immense amount of personal capital, (time), on switching…

We’ve all had this experience, whether it be a bag of potato chips, or a bag of Doritos like above. You get the party size because you need the most chips for your get together and because it’s a very popular snack item. Doritos are always a big hit.

Whether you decide to put them into a bowl, or just leave the bag for people to help themselves, there’s that moment when you open this large party size bag and realize that it’s only about half, or maybe even only a third, of actual chips. The rest was air. An…

I recently wrote an article about how I’ve been using various tools to work remotely for years. At this point, it’s engrained in me. It started in the military, but it’s just part of who I am at this point. In my opinion, nothing compares to the ability to execute work anywhere, anytime, from just my laptop or mobile device.

Of all the tools we’ve tried over the years we’ve always come back to Basecamp. It does not have all the fancy bells and whistles of other tools and that’s a good thing. Take it from a team who’s been…

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Walk up to any employee of mine, current or past, and say two words: tool churn. You’ll be met with laughter and likely spend some time hearing a few stories- some good and some bad.

The Beginning

When I started my first company, Basecamp Networks, my plan was to be able to run the company from anywhere. I had no money for an office or even a dedicated set-up of internet, desk, phone, etc. So I wanted to be able to run everything from a laptop in a coffee shop. I wanted to apply this same philosophy to the people I would…

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I’m going to keep this review rather generic to Pixel and iPhone instead of models like the Pixel 3 or 4 or iPhone XS, 11Pro, etc. I’ve had time with just about all of them and where the big differences are, is in hardware; specifically camera. Given that I’m more about work than taking pictures or capturing videos, I look at things a bit differently.

This review is more about the productivity piece. The everyday uses and more common practices many people do with a mobile device. While this review is a little bit skewed to the business user, much…

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I spent 4 months on my 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro dedicated to one browser at a time for each month. I tried Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. I gave an honest effort on both my laptop and their corresponding mobile browsers on an iPhone Xs. Here is what I came up with.

Let me start by saying I primarily use my laptop for business. I run my company via this single MacBook Pro. I’ve always had a saying, technology is either a toy or a tool but the choice is up to the user. I’m a tool person. …

We have electricity and water to rural homes. There is no reason to not have broadband internet as well.

If right about now you’re thinking to yourself that it’s not that easy; you’re part of the problem. If those that stand in the middle really wanted to solve this problem and they really wanted to empower rural Americans, (let’s face it, it’s mostly farmers and farming communities), then it can be done. Politics, regulation, greed, whatever you want to call it, at the end of the day it’s bullshit.

I worked in IT and telecom for over 20 years. So…

Craig Ganssle

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